• WellDerma Ge Gold Eye Mask - 100g (60pcs)

WellDerma Ge Gold Eye Mask - 100g (60pcs)

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WellDerma Ge Gold Eye Mask - 100g (60pcs)

Product Details
It helps the skin around eye, smile lines, and other such concerned areas for losing resilience easily become fully supple.
It fills the skin lacking moisture from the inside and keeps it resilient through the nourishing action.
It fills the skin with nutrients and moisture to make it healthy and full of vitality and also strengthens the skin's own power.

Suggested Use
Even out the skin after washing your face.
Take out the mask pack with a spatula and place it on the area you think needs an intensive improvement for around 20~30 minutes.
Remove the mask and gently massage the remaining essence into the skin.

Size : 100g (60pcs)

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