Sum37 LosecSumma Supreme Pore Ampoule - 30ml

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Sum37 LosecSumma Supreme Pore Ampoule - 30ml

Product Details
It is an ampoule that closely cares for pores to create a porcelain-like smooth skin texture without irritation.
Dark ampoule droplets deliver the active ingredients quickly and deeply to comfortably tidy up the skin and gently care for it, leaving it incredibly smooth.
It contains hypoallergenic pores and skin texture care ingredient Serine and Golden Elixir™, which contains ancient imperial secret, to closely care for pores to create porcelain-like skin.

Suggested Use
After using skin or essence in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount, apply gently along the skin texture in the order of cheeks, forehead, and chin on the face, and pat gently for absorption.

Size : 30ml

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