Delivery Information

Delivery to all countries is currently being delayed due to Corona Virus.

We will do our best to avoid customer inconvenience by quickly reflecting the local delivery situation that changes from time to time.

01. We offer affordable shipping costs.

We add up the total weight of the items ordered by the customer to paid the shipping cost.

02. We provide 100% tracking number.

We provide 100% tracking number for safe delivery.

03. We have diversified delivery types to expand customer options.

- Air Mail / K-Packet : This is an international mail service handled by the Korean Post Office.

It is slower than post office EMS and faster than regular international registered mail.

K-Packet can be ordered up to 1.8kg.

- Air Shipping : This is an express delivery service handled by a Korean shipping company.

A Korean delivery company provides fast and safe delivery through business agreements with local delivery companies.

Therefore, we only offer delivery to limited countries.

- Fedex & DHL : The safest and fastest delivery service.

Fast and accurate delivery is possible with a special delivery network system in various countries.

However, the shipping cost is expensive.

04. 100% authentic guaranteed.

We purchase and sell directly at the cosmetic head office or store in Korea.

If the purchased product turns out to be counterfeit, we will refund 5 times the purchase price.

05. Customer Service

We ship your order within 1-5 business days after placing your order.

If you have any problems with shipping or ordering, please contact us by email ''.

We will do our best to solve our customers' problems.