• AMORE PACIFIC Youth Revolution Radiance Concentrator - 30ml

AMORE PACIFIC Youth Revolution Radiance Concentrator - 30ml

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AMORE PACIFIC Youth Revolution Radiance Concentrator - 30ml

Product Details
A whipped 2-in-1 moisturizer and overnight mask with brightening white peony and purifying green tea polysaccharides that visibly improves signs of aging and radiance for healthy, firmer-looking skin.

The concentrator is housed in a dual-chamber that keeps the Vitamin C separate from the rest of the formula until first use for optimal freshness.
Once the chamber is twisted, the powerhouse ingredients combine to help boost radiance and address early signs of aging.
Vitamin C works to brighten and even the complexion, while White Peony helps improve skin tone. Purifying Green Tea Polysaccharides further work to help brighten and give antioxidant protection.

Key Ingredients:
Vitamin C: Brightens and helps to improve skin tone and visible wrinkles.
Green Tea Polysaccharides: Anti-pollution; soothe and protect skin from environmental aging factors.
White Peony: An antioxidant that brightens and purifies skin.

Suggested Use
Hold the lower part of the container with one hand and the upper part of the container with the other hand and turn each in opposite directions.

-Always shake the container until the two textures blend well.
-Unscrew the dropper by turning it to the left.
-Take an appropriate amount with the dropper.
-Use morning and night, after toner.

Size : 30ml

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